ANGELTAG is an innovative yet simple way for people who find lost valuables to return them to their rightful owner, quickly and easily.

Give your Favourite Stuff a RESPONSIBLE best friend

When your stuff gets lost, it has a buddy that knows what to do!

The World is Big. Your Keys are SMALL

Help find that Needle in the haystack. Never lose items again.

Your very OWN Search Party. Lose Less with ANGELTAG

If you have lost your item and someone finds it, a message is sent to you and a DISTRESS message is sent to a party member you have nominated.

Peace of Mind never looked so good with ANGELTAG

Your mobile number is kept private at all times! Only a Unique Code is stored on your ANGELTAG. Water Resistant, Minimal Design, and Tiny but Tough!

Easy Setup

1. Choose from three combinations of Tag colours

2. Receive email confirmation and use your ANGELTAG ID CODE immediately

3. Update your membership details and nominate your secondary contacts

4. Receive your ANGELTAG in the mail and attach to your valued items

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There are thousands of ways to lose your valuables.
ANGELTAG is a must have way to be re-united with them!

The Innovation – Patent Pending   OZ_Patent

Field trials have shown, 90% of ANGELTAG’s reported found are reunited with their owner within 30 minutes of being reported (via SMS).

Using a combination of unique tag/key codes, SMS and email, ANGELTAG brings the person
who finds your valued item and you, the owner. together quickly and easily, without
the need for a third party to be involved. It’s simple yet effective!

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